Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Expanding the Stormtrooper Universe...

While the first three Trooper shots whetted my creative juices, they were only really only portraits while exploring my kitchen worktop (who needs a big expensive studio, eh?). But you know what the Empire's like. Its all want, want, want with them. So the little guys have decided that they want to explore the 'big bad world' that lies outside the safety of the kitchen worktop...

Some shots are simply set up in other areas of the house, but since the Stormies like to hide in my jacket pocket, they have turned up in all sorts of places. Galleries, museums... Next time you see a guy on his knees with his bum in the air and a Nikon glued to his face, take a closer look. At what i'm shooting, not my bum! Huh!

Setting up "The Return of The Art Lovers" - Note the disapproving look from the statue

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